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Grace Upon Grace

Posted by Tim Franks on

John 1:16- "And from his fullness we have all received grace upon grace."

I would like to reflect on something I taught with our students this past Sunday. We tend to be very busy with life, the daily grind and we forget sometimes to reflect on the grace God gives us. How many times do we stop each day and thank God for the grace He has bestowed on us just in that very day?

Grace is defined as the free and unmerited favor given to us by God. That would include the spectrum of the air we breathe that gives us life to the ultimate grace given to us on the Cross, eternal life. In the first chapter of John's Gospel, the Apostle John shows us a great word picture of the Word, Jesus Christ.
John 1:14 reads "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us..." The Word, Jesus Christ came to this earth as a human and in the literal translation pitched a tent with mankind for more than three decades. This alone was grace upon grace for Jesus to come to this earth and live with us. Majestically, the grace of eternal life was the ultimate showing of this extended grace, which was the ultimate purpose of Jesus coming to this earth. This prompts the Apostle John to speak of the fullness of Christ which brings grace upon grace to all people, especially those who are believers.

What a great challenge and reminder to all of those that follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord! We must not forget to thank our Lord daily for the grace upon grace that He has shown us. Many of us could share multiple stories of how God has shown us a super abundance of grace in big life changing moments. What about the daily "mundane" ways that God shows grace to us? Never forget that we do not deserve any grace because of our disobedience against a perfect God. God still gives us this unmerited favor, and this should bring us to our knees and humble our souls. Are you hurting today and feeling helpless? Remember that God bestows grace upon grace on us in His fullness and we need to trust His timing in bringing us closer to Him. Have you been sharing God's love with others? All people are receiving grace from God, but many are missing out on receiving the full benefits of grace upon grace that comes with a true and intimate relationship with the Lord. Believer, be comforted and humbled in the words from the Apostle John here, "And from his fullness we have all received grace upon grace."

Someone asks you, "How are you doing today?"
Your answer, "I am thankful for being given grace upon grace"

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