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Jesus on Every Page

Posted by Justin Deeter on

I am a dad of two little ones. My oldest is currently two years old. Each morning we have fallen into a fairly traditional routine. My son Jude gets up at 7 am. I open up his door to greet his smiling face. He gets up and he goes straight to the potty. Then as he is done with the Bible the first thing that comes out of his mouth is "I read Bible first". So we go over to the couch and grab our Big Picture Story Bible and turn to the book marker. 

Jude, by God's grace, is starting to love reading his Bible. Of course, he can't read yet, but he loves to sit with Daddy on the couch, cuddle, and listen to Daddy. As a picture Bible, there are large and beautiful illustrations to engage children. His favorite person in the Bible is Jesus.

With every page I turn he points to whatever man drawn on the page and says, "That's Jesus!". Even though we may be reading about Moses in Exodus he thinks any human on the page is Jesus. The boy can find Jesus on every page. 

All Scripture Points to Jesus

Though he doesn't fully understand what he is doing, my little two year old is starting to get a key principle in understanding and reading the Scripture. Jesus is on every page. Now the word Jesus doesn't show up on every page on the Bible, so what do I mean? I mean that every passage in the Scripture either points to Jesus himself. Jesus is the culmination of God's revelation of himself. In order to truly understand the Scriptures we must see how the point to Jesus.  

After all, isn't this what Jesus told us to do? On the road to Emmaus Jesus told taught those two disciples how all of the Scriptures even Moses and the prophets pointed to Jesus (Luke 24:27). We must learn to develop, as Jesus has instructed us, a Christo-centric hermeneutic. We must learn to find Jesus on every page. 

Jesus, the Culmination of Revelation

Currently I am preaching through the book of Exodus. Although Jesus' name never shows up in the book, he is evident all over the place. There are foreshadows, types, and allusions that point to Jesus himself and the redemption God gives us in the Gospel.

Yes, we must understand the original context and we do not want to disregard the original author's intentions. Yet, under the Spirit's inspiration the Old Testament leaves breadcrumbs throughout pointing us to greater realities that culminate in Jesus himself. 

Like my little boy we must look for Jesus on every page. Who knew a two year old could instruct us on such an important principle in scriptural interpretation. After all isn't it written "‘Out of the mouth of infants and nursing babies you have prepared praise’?” (Mt 21:16)

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