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Pray for our Ukraine Missions Team

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Will you commit to pray for our missions team leaving for Ukraine this Monday? Our mission as Forest Hills Baptist Church is to treasure christ, equip believers, and send disciples for the glory of God. That sending part is hugely important. Jesus calls us to have the nations in our view and he calls us to go to all peoples of the earth. We as Forest Hills desire to be a sending church. We want to release our members into great commission disciple making even in foreign places. 

On Monday six members from Forest Hills will be sent and commissioned by our church to partner with local IMB missionaries in Kiev, Ukraine. Here are a few ways you can pray for them. 

  • Pray for safe travel to and from Ukraine. 
  • Pray for fruitful evangelistic conversations. 
  • Pray for strength for each days challenges. 
  • Pray for communication and that the Gospel could be shared through the language barrier. 
  • Pray that we might encourage the missionaries there on the ground in their work. 
  • Pray that we might develop relationships with Ukrainian churches and help them in their mission. 

We have a great team from our church. As a church we are sending them out from our body and we are even helping through your generosity a portion of the finances for the trip. 

Pray for this team as they are seek to obey the Great Commission. May we seek to make disciples wherever it is the Lord takes us, from Ukraine to Wilson, NC. By the grace of God Forest Hills will be and will become a sending church. 

This Sunday morning at the conclusion of our worship service we will have a special time of commissioning and prayer for our Ukraine missions team. They leave June 15 and return on June 26. 



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