Local Missions


Local Missions

The Gospel of Jesus Christ leads us to action and to love and serve the city of Wilson.

Serve Wilson

We love our city, Wilson, NC. It is our joy to serve and minister to them not only by providing for the needs of others but bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ along with us as we do. We have two main ministries that organize and initiate in local mission opportunities for our Members

Brotherhood (Men's Ministry)

Our men's ministry is active in serving and loving the community. In the past they have built ramps for the needed, have helped those in need with yard work, and have even partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build homes.  They stay active in serving and loving the community through their service. 

Women's Missionary Union (WMU)

Our women's ministry stays active in serving our commuinty as well. They have a partnership with Forest Hills Middle School to meet the need of students there. In addition, each year they provide a special lunch hosted for all the faculty and staff at the school. Most recently, they have been involved in raising awareness and raising funds to help end sexual trafficking.  They are an active group of missions minded women seeking to make an impact in our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.